Imagine a child, sitting barefoot beneath the maple trees under a starry sky. In the distance you can here music, good old dancing music from the barn. From his pocket he picks up a book, torn and dogeared. It’s Mark Twain’s, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Then a song comes softly over his lips. He jumps to his feet, picks up his walking stick and his rucksack, and he starts to walk. He walks past the barn with the dancing people, he walks over the meadows and through the woods, over rivers and mountains. He walks in to cities, and stumble right out again. He continues to wander through the decades. He doesn’t stop until he, in the fall of 2011, reaches the west cost of Sweden, and a town called Gothenburg. His name is Charley, and this is his story.

Travels with Charley is a young and fresh band with an old soul. Formed in Gothenburg in the fall of 2011, they’ve already gained an audience and played some unforgettable gigs. Recording an EP in mid December, they’re now planning to take their music to a higher level. The music, consisting of American sounds through the heart of a Swedish soul, will go deep into anyone who gets exposed to it.

Praise for Travels with Charley:
The amazing original material and the highly distinguished sound picture makes this something very unique in Swedish contemporary music!

To book or get in contact with Travels with Charley, send an e-mail to: André Robsahm

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